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13 April 2016
February 2016. My grandma passed away one week before i participated at Kelas Inspirasi Bandung #4. My dad has gone about one year before my grandma did. So yeah obviously they cannot stay apart for such a long time. A mother and a son finally reunited. 

My heart was broken. I cried. I bleed. Wish i had still time to meet them and said something before they gone. 

My grandma's house is an old beautiful space to live in. I stayed there when i was a child. So yeah memories of the house glued in my mind tough i stay in such different places for several times. 

I was coming home after mom called and told about the news. I stepped into the house and the feeling of broken heart stroke in an instant. It was not easy just to come inside it. The window, the doors, the chairs, even the walls told me stories that i can't explain.  It's like the memories that were coming out from them. I prepared to keep my heart open but in fact it felt empty and broken. They brought tears to my eyes. 

I wanted to jump into the time machine and lived a life with more affection to give to them. 

Photo : Nurul Ulu
(Brutal and mess) Edited : Ulu
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