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Tracks for Train Travel Bandung to Cirebon (Playlist #2)

08 January 2015
Hi there. This is Ulu. Last week i made a short trip to the north. Traveled by train and i went all by myself. Nabil, my 2 y.o son actually came together with me :P hihihhi not all alone anyway. 

I already set up my playlist. I knew it was going to be bored inside the train. Took the business class, there're nothing i can do but sleep. I didn't take the magazines, either the newspaper. Busy with facebook, twitter, instagram, online chat with friends and a lot of stuff from my phone, i got this dizziness. I really needed to do something else and not occupied with this online-thing.  

So i put my phone down and set my earphone on. 

It was fun. The songs that i set was actually fit the view i saw from the window train. Really enjoyed it and surely will do it again on the next trip. 

The beat is not too high. I just wanted to chillin' down. Looking at those line of trees and sawah-sawah, then my sight was striking up to the hills. Oh It was so beautifull. The valley, shadow of mountain Ciremai,  thanks to the rain for making everything colored in green :)

So here's the list. I bet you might want to listen to them too :) 

1. Coldplay -   Sky Full Of Stars
2. Mr. Big   -   Just Take My Heart
3. Banda Neira  -  Kau Keluhkan
4. Sting  -  It's Probably Me
5. Norah Jones  -  Come Away With Me
6. Naif  -  Karena Kamu Cuma Satu
7. Ben Harper  -   Strawberry Fields 
8. Dave Matthews  -  Where Are You Going
9. Bruce Springsteen  -  Secret Garden
10. Sarah Mclachlan  -  Blackbird

So, tell me yours. What songs are you in to when you get yourself travelled? :) 
8 comments on "Tracks for Train Travel Bandung to Cirebon (Playlist #2)"
  1. Ahahaiii! Another playlist :)) Me soooo likey ummm apa yaa... Shake it Off Taylor Swift; Treasure Bruno Mars and Sakitnya tuh di Sini Cita Citata **yang terakhir njegleeegg :)))

    1. hahaha cita citata song's actually a very nice song to sing together. forget the lyric, follow the rhtym :D

  2. Wuih, ada Banda Neira di playlistnya.. Jempollll.. :)

  3. Aku suka playlistmu Mba. Yg Coldplay kayaknya cocok buat naik kereta malam haha. Nabil ga ada playlist?

    1. hehe thanks, mba ruth :D Nabil ada playlist kok, kerekam di mulut dia sendiri hehehehe "naik-naik kereta api, tut tuut tuuutttt!" diulang 100 kali XD

  4. Unfortunately, I have no favourite song to stay in my play list. Means, I have no play list, Ulu. Lol. Listening randomly. :)

    1. no problome, Mba Al :D share di sini dong musik randomnya apa aja hehehe