Let's Talk About Bandung!

January 28, 2015
Dear you guys. Welcome! This is Ulu writing. You can read my profile here. Me and my husband create this blog to bring the best of Bandung to both locals and visitors. 

This blog begin in 2013 as a hobby and way to document our experiences while living in Bandung. Starting from 2014 i can help you guys to book hotel in Bandung by www.agoda.com. I actually can help you booking the hotel in this whole entire world. But the best i can help together with the information about the city is my city, Bandung.

So, are you planning for a short break in Bandung? I can help you choosing where to stay as well as booking the hotel for you by Agoda.com

I can tell you where the best local shop is, the best market, the best caffe, and also the hotel to stay in. I might be the person you looking for. Ask me anything. 

So c'mon and let's talk! Contact me at 0812.2005.4556 or email bandungdiary@gmail.com. 

2 comments on "Let's Talk About Bandung! "
  1. asik,berarti kalo ke bandung bisa nyulik kamu ya mak hehehe..semoga tahun ini kesampaian jalan2 ke BAndung...gratis aamiin hehehe